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Perkie's Observations: Nelle Defends Her Mother of The Year Title on General Hospital

Chloe Lanier

Chloe Lanier

On the stand, Nelle explains how confused and overwhelmed she was to find out her son was alive, and puts all of the blame on Brad. She says this is what brought her and Julian closer together. Martin asks if they're in love. Nelle says Julian loves Wiley and would do anything to protect him. She says they'll make excellent co-parents.

Diane asks Nelle about assaulting Willow before trying to flee the country with Wiley. Martin objects, saying there was no evidence that Nelle was fleeing. Diane asks if Nelle loves Julian and she says yes.

Julian takes the stand. Martin brings up his criminal past. Julian admits it, but says he's changed and has cleaned up his life. Diane's questions him about holding the knife on Alexis and helping his sister put a bomb at the hospital. Julian says he was blackmailed.

Sam confronts Julian about his marriage to Nelle. She says she spoke to Lucas and both of them feel that Julian is dead to them. (Well, only until the next time they need something from him. Shut up Sam.)

Robert tells Laura he believes Holly is still alive, but admits he has no real proof. He wants to go and check things out, and wants Luke's help. Laura tells him to contact Tracy to get a hold of Luke.

Maxie and Valentin are thrilled with Sasha's photo shoot. Valentin mentions they will be launching Deception as a sponsor for the Nurses Ball. Maxie gets lightheaded when standing, so Peter suggests they get something to eat.

Valentin offers Sasha his condolences for the end of her relationship with Michael.

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At lunch, Maxie is unable to eat, but reassures Peter that she's just stressed. He says she should see a doctor. Maxie has a realization and checks her calendar. (I swear to dog if this show is making Maxie pregnant with stupid Peter's baby, I will be pissed. This show needs another baby like the world needs more pandemics.)

Brook Lynn overhears Olivia on a personal phone call and accuses her of having an affair. Olivia says she's been talking to a psychic. Brook Lynn thinks this is hilarious until Olivia says she's trying to find out information on Dante. She's upset that he's sending her letters back. Ned apologizes for not realizing that his wife was in so much pain. Ned says he's been distracted by someone who is buying up the family shares of ELQ.

Olivia admits she feels helpless that Rocco took Dustin to the father-son event at the school. She worries that Dante is being erased. Ned worries the psychic is only telling Olivia what she wants to hear and is taking advantage of her pain. Olivia says it's the only thing giving her comfort.

Robert stops by to ask Ned about getting a hold of Luke. Ned offers to call his mother. Robert notices that Olivia is upset and she explains about the psychic. Robert wonders what she hopes to find. Olivia says she needs hope that Dante will be okay.

Laura runs into Valentin and asks if he's attending Ava's party. She wants him not to attend. Valentin says he has no plans to go because he no longer needs the Cassadine name to prove himself.

Brook Lynn heads over to confront Linc to ask who he was buying the ELQ shares for. Linc says the person wanted to remain anonymous. Brook Lynn pushes, saying she'll go public about what Linc did to her. Valentin shows up, sends Linc away, and is ready for a chat with Brook Lynn.

Jax wonders if Nina's having second thoughts about testifying for Nelle. Nina says Nelle has no one else to stand up for her. She feels Nelle won't turn her life around if she loses Wiley. Jax says Nina is not responsible for Nelle's well being.

Nina decides to take the stand.

*This appears to be the last new episode until the show goes back into production. See you all on the other side.....unless Luke and Mike want me to do wacky recaps of the repeated Nurses Ball episodes!*