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WATCH: Ex-B&B Star Rome Flynn Discusses the Perfect Date

Rome Flynn

Former The Bold and the Beautiful star Rome Flynn (ex-Zende) is giving you a little tea on how he romances the ladies. 

The How To Get Away With Murder actor, spoke with xoNecole where he played a fast round trivia game and dished out some tidbits on what he looks for in a mate, his first kiss, and more. Flynn explained his idea on what the perfect date is and stated,

Something chill. But I do have a hella extreme version of myself  too (laughs). I'm really thoughtful, I really like thoughtful s**t, you don't have to do too much but a combination of wine and a good lighting in a room, I'm cool with that and some eye contact. Deep conversation, I want to know what you think about the world then I can figure out what I like in that.

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