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General Hospital's Lynn Herring Addresses Possible Port Charles Reunion

Lynn Herring

Since General Hospital is set to re-air classic Nurses' Ball episodes, Lynn Herring (Lucy Coe) is looking back on some of her periods in Port Charles. In doing so, she's wondering whether or not a Port Charles reunion might be in the offing...

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In a chat with TV Insider, Herring reflected:

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Kin [Shriner] and I were recently talking about doing kind a Port Charles reunion [with the actors online]. I remember how excited we were when Port Charles started. We were so pleased with the triangle we had on GH. Lucy is passionate and wacky and she had fallen for the very safe Kevin but she still had this pull towards wisecracking conman Scotty. Lucy was torn between these two impulses – being safe and feeling loved. When Lucy is caught kissing Scotty, I remember feeling how really sad it was – almost the end of an era with this triangle. I think things like this happen in real life in that Lucy’s indecision resulted in her being alone.

Port Charles saw Lucy pairing up with both Scotty and Kevin Collins (Jon Lindstrom). And, a few years on GH, Ryan had his life taken over (once again) by evil twin Ryan Chamberlain. Why wasn't Lucy involved in that storyline? Herring mused:

[Executive producer] Frank [Valentini] was really kind enough to let me know [why] Lucy couldn’t be as privy to what was going on. The feeling was that Lucy would have a really hard time not realizing right away that Ryan was back. In reality, that’s true. If Lucy had been yelling, ‘It’s Ryan!’ that would have ruined the suspense. But I hope that if we do revisit [Ryan again] that Kristina [Wagner, Felicia] and I get more involved. We had a lot of fun working together and I enjoy working with Genie [Francis, Laura], too.

Herring also offered up recommendations as to which classic episodes GH could air in the future, bringing it back to PC. She said:

We could do the six-week Port Charles telenovela episodes that we did towards the end. Would the vampire stories we told be too over the top or might we get some younger viewers? There’s also licensing issues. I don’t wish the task of figuring it all out [business-wise] on anyone! I do believe that the shows hold up if you’re a [veteran] fan. People invest in us. They want to see the journey.