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Guiding Light Grad Ron Raines Talks Beacon Hill and Broadway Roles

Former Guiding Light baddie Ron Raines (ex-Alan Spaulding) spoke to Soaps In Depth about his many memorable roles, both on stage and on screen. He is set to join former castmate Crystal Chappell (ex-Olivia Spencer, GL) on her web series, Beacon Hill.

Chappell is producing season two, in which Raines plays Senator William Preston. The actor shared:

The senator is very similar to Alan in that he’s controlling the family by setting up situations the way Alan would. Of course, they never turn out the way they’re supposed to!

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Not only is he back working with Chappell, but fellow GL grad Ricky Paull Goldin (ex-Gus Aitoro) is beckoning from Beacon Hill, too! Raines recalled:

We just picked right back up. It’s like getting back on a bike.

He's also set to appear in HBO series The Gilded Age later this year. Rather than GL, though, his many stage roles might prove fodder for new fans to recognize him. Raines noted:

You see, when I did Annie’s Daddy Warbucks on Broadway, I shaved my head for the part. When you shave your head, you don’t look like Alan Spaulding anymore!