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Perkie's Observations: Brad and Britt Sit One Out on General Hospital

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Parry Shen, Kelly Thiebaud

Parry Shen, Kelly Thiebaud

(*Disclaimer: Unpopular opinion, but I've never been a fan of the Nurses Ball. I always get second hand embarrassment over the group numbers and I've never understood the "humor" of Lucy always falling out of her clothes. But, my work is not back up and running yet and I need a break from home schooling my testy tween, so I figured most of us still want a place to hang out and complain . . . or praise the show. So for that reason, I'll be doing recaps of these repeat episodes, though not necessarily every day. Also, they may end up being a weeee bit more sarcastic than the usual recaps. You gotta give me that, at least!!*)

Brad and Britt hang out eating ice cream and watching the ball on television. (Even after 6 years and all the water under the bridge, I still like the friendship between these two. It's realistic and not something you see very often.)

Teeny, tiny Spencer questions his father's love life, as one does when you're 7. (No slag on Marcus Coloma, but there is something to be said about original recipe Nikolas.) Nikolas' love life at this point hinges formerly on Britt and possibly on Elizabeth.

Nathan!!! (Oh, my heart hurt a little on seeing him again.) Maxie's not going to the ball, but hanging at home with the ever unwashed looking, sanctimonious Levi. Alright, so she did date someone worse than Peter.

Felicia and Lucy discuss her love life. Apparently, she's married to Kevin, but cheating on him. Very weird to wrap my head around that. He's just supposed to be with Laura.

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Ooooh, old opening credits.

Oh hey it's Shawn, before he was sent to prison for a crime he didn't actually commit. Sonny's not going to the ball because he apparently cheated on Olivia. Shocker! Also, he's pissed that she's pissed about it. Some things never change.

Sam and Stephen Clay, nope Hamilton Finn, nope my bad, Silas Clay walk the red carpet. Sam forgets that walking consists of one foot in front of the other and falls down.

A Dante sighting (my heart cracks). Oh, and there's MY Ric ( . . . And the heart breaks completely. Guh, why are all my favorites no longer on the show?)

Dante's pissed at Sonny for cheating on Olivia. I remind him that cheating to Sonny is like breathing for everyone else.

Liesl cuts into the opening nurses number (thank you Liesl!). Everyone is shocked, shocked I tell ya, even though someone would have had to notice an extra 10 people hanging around backstage in costume.

. . . and that's it for episode one . . .