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Perkie's Observations: Tracy Gets a Jolt From Luke on General Hospital

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Tracy Quartermaine, General Hospital

Jane Elliot

Brad gets jealous when he sees Lucas with Felix at the ball. Britt is annoyed by her mother's shenanigans, so the two decide to head over. Levi allows Maxie to attend the ball. Once there, he shows an interest in Felicia's Aztec jewelry. Oooh foreshadowing.

Kiki has a group number (What was it? No idea, I had to fast forward through it.) (I had forgotten that Kristen Alderson was original recipe Kiki. This is one of those times where I preferred the recast. Nothing against Kristen, but to me Haley Erin was better as Kiki, mostly because she looked like she could be Ava's daughter.)

Annoying Spencer convinces Nikolas to go to the ball, while he annoyingly throws out words like townie, in regard to Cameron.

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Ned performs as Eddie Maine.

Anna (who was police commissioner at the time, remember when Anna didn't cry every 7 minutes?) relates to Nathan, who's just discovered that Liesl is his mutter. Nathan is thrilled to see Maxie when she shows up (there was a crush growing there).

Luke performs, then asks Tracy to marry him at the ball. After much back and forth, Lucy performs the marriage ceremony while Ned and Lulu stand up for their parents.

The boys in town perform.

. . . now onto the next episode . . .