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WATCH: One Life to Live's Erika Slezak on Returning to Daytime: "It Depends"

Erika Slezak

Legendary actress Erika Slezak (ex-Viki, One Life to Live) is living her best life and seems to be content with how things are right now. The six-time Daytime Emmy winner spoke recently with Michael Fairman. The duo took a trip down memory lane to discuss her illustrious career, her Tony award-winning father, the late Walter Slezak, and about Prospect Park "not knowing how to do a soap" (her words not mine!) for the online version of OLTL. They also chatted about what she's up to these days and if she would join the rat race once again. According to Slezak,

I've been asked twice but it was never for anything very interesting. The one time they asked me they said, 'We won't pay your way, we won't pay your hotel. We'd just give you bare minimum money.' I said, 'You know to fly to California and to spend five days, I don't think so.' It wasn't very interesting and it would depend on the show, it would depend. At this point because everything is in California, there are no shows in New York, it would require a move and I'm not sure I want to schlep my husband and our menagerie with us. If it were for a couple of weeks or couple of months, it would depend on what it was.

I can respect that. Find out why Slezak wanted to marry David Vickers (Tuc Watkins), why Slezak doesn't blame former ABC Daytime president Brian Frons for OLTL's cancellation, and more by watching the entire interview below:

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