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Perkie's Observations: Lucas' Date Night Gets Upended By an Interloper on General Hospital

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Lucas Jones, Felix DuBois, General Hospital

Ryan Carnes, Marc Samuel

Tracy thanks Ned for standing up for her. Ned says it's a good thing Luke married her for love, since he won't be working at ELQ anymore. Ned says he pushed Tracy out as CEO in exchange for Michael.

Mac performs with his dummy (ugh, as much as I love John J. York, this skit has always made me cringe). Epiphany puts a stop to it. Milo congratulates Pif, which I believe is the start of their relationship.

Brad performs to try to impress Lucas. Felix wonders how Lucas feels about his ex. Then, Brad shows up and plants a wet one on Lucas.

Spencer is thrilled to run into Britt, though Nikolas is less than happy. Britt tells Nikolas that she loves him and asks for his forgiveness.

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Emma and Cameron dance a tango together, which obnoxious Spencer interrupts. Emma's torn between both boys. (I remind them, and the writers, these kids are 10 years old . . . for the love of Pete.)

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