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The Bold and the Beautiful's Annika Noelle "Really Tried to Tell a Story" with Emmy Reel

Annika Noelle

Annika Noelle (Hope Logan, The Bold and the Beautiful) scored her first Emmy nod this year. She spoke to Michael Fairman about having to constantly cry while playing a grieving Hope and the scenes she submitted.

She confessed:

I can’t tell you how many times I was just like, 'Do I have to cry? Do I have to though?' I’m just really grateful that Hope finally got her baby back. It was so funny when the fans would be like, 'When is she getting her baby back?' and I’m like, 'Trust me, no one wants it more than me.'

Noelle also elaborated on the scenes she submitted for her Emmy reel. She said:

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I submitted as the initial scene when Hope finds out about Beth (where Liam tells her that Beth didn’t make it) and she starts out thinking that Beth is still alive and then gradually the denial fades away and the reality sets in. Then, the second scene I submitted was where she is kind of emotionally checked out, and then, Sally (Courtney Hope) comes in with that poor puppy dog to try to cheer her up, and obviously that backfires on Sally. That was actually a very difficult scene to shoot because here was this little puppy dog looking up at me, and I had to just freak out. 

The third scene was on the rooftop where Hope finally finds out that Beth is indeed alive, and that Thomas has been lying to her. Then, the fourth scene was the hardest one to pick, but I’m really glad that I went with it. It’s just this really quiet, intimate moment between Liam and Hope when they’re alone with Beth again for the first time as a family. Then, Liam and Hope share their first kiss as a family again.

 The final scene was where Hope gets to slap Flo (Katrina Bowden) and you get to see the momma bear come out. I really tried to tell a story. I really tried to show an arc of that 8-9-month saga, and luckily, I had the material to choose from to do so.

Noelle also gave props to her B&B co-stars and her mentor, who is a daytime veteran. She explained:

It’s such a crazy full circle too, because Hillary B. Smith (Ex-Nora, OLTL and Guya, Venice the Series) was my mentor in high school. I would look up to her and be like. 'She’s been nominated and won Daytime Emmys! Well, maybe one day I could …' Hillary was someone who I called and talked to for a long time before submitting. I also have to give thanks to Crystal Chappell (Ex-GL, Days and Venice the Series), for seeing something in me and taking a chance on me when I was green as an actress.