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Will David Kimble Return to The Young and the Restless? Michael Corbett Weighs In

On an episode of The Young and the Restless"Villains Week," Michael Corbett takes center stage as nasty David Kimble. The veteran actor - and Extra correspondent - spoke to Soap Hub about the development of his character and possibly returning to Genoa City.

The genius of late head honcho Bill Bell led to his evil storylines, he remembered:

I was working with Brenda Dickson (ex-Jill) for about a year. Then, Jill was recast with Jess Walton, who, to this day, remains one of my dearest friends. I did Jill impersonations for Jess when she first started. We hit it off incredibly well. The chemistry I had with Jess, I think, may have led to Bill Bell [YR’s late creator/sr. executive producer/headwriter] creating a front-burner story for me.

That led to David marrying Nina Webster (Tricia Cast) and trying to steal her inheritance from her late Chancellor hubby. 

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He reflected:

That was exciting for me. I knew it’d be this kind of a story where David would do all these things. People always saw him as the bad guy, but David could never see himself that way. He was merely looking for an opportunity. If he married someone he wasn’t necessarily in love with, but he became wealthy in the process…okay! Bill kept throwing in more backstory. Did David really murder his former girlfriend and leave her on an island? David kept getting all these additional layers.

With Nina and Phillip Chancellor III (Thom Bierdz)'s little boy, Chance (Donny Boaz), now back in town, the time could be ripe for David to rear his head again...even though he died in a trash compactor. Corbett suggested:

I think David could have easily gotten out of the trash compactor and thrown another body in there. He could have gotten out and gotten away. If so, where has he been? I think it’s interesting that Chance [AKA little Phillip, David’s stepson, played by Donny Boaz] now works for the FBI. Maybe there’s some connection there where David might be? It’d be so much fun! I’d love to terrorize Nina again!