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General Hospital's Wally Kurth Talks Ned's Never-Ending Struggle for ELQ

Wally Kurth

Wally Kurth (Ned, General Hospital) is opening up about his character's Sisyphean quest to take ELQ for himself. He spoke to Soap Hub about always being the Quartermaine heir-in-waiting.

He shared:

Thirty years ago when I joined General Hospital, I was being groomed to take over ELQ. Now, of course, I am [the] temporary [CEO] of ELQ. Now you see [the writers] getting back into ‘Like you know what, maybe it’s time for me to take over.’

There was a big part of Ned 30 years ago that was very ambitious and he wanted to be the CEO so bad he was going after AJ. He was fighting his grandfather, and obviously his mother, so now he is kind of doing that with Michael.

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And Ned's capable of getting down and dirty to get what he wants; might he employ such tactics to get the CEO seat once and for all? Kurth said:

I’d say he’s a good guy, but he’s capable of being a bad guy and he can do stupid things, too. That’s kind of what I like about Ned.