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Hunter King Speculates on the Future of "Skyle" on The Young and the Restless

Hunter King

The Young and the RestlessHunter King (Summer Newman) loves a good love triangle. The dual Emmy winner sat down with Soap Opera Digest to speculate about the future of her character's love triangle with ex-husband Kyle Abbott (Michael Mealor) and his estranged wife, Lola Rosales Abbott (Sasha Calle).

King is thrilled that the childhood BFFs finally got together, sharing:

I feel like in the storylines of soaps things are kind of like an ebb and flow. You’re like, 'Okay, this might happen eventually. Maybe they’ll see each other.' So it’s never out of the realm of possibility that Summer and Kyle were going to get back together, at least in my eyes, ’cause they were each other’s first loves. I feel like they were kind of tied together through that. 

As playing Summer, I want that for her. She wants it so bad. I was really excited when I read that they were getting back together. I love the 'Skyle' fan base. They’re so funny and they tweet us the funniest stuff. They’re very loud on Twitter. They’re amazing. They tweet the funniest screen grabs. I’m like, 'Oh, God. Why does my face look like that? I’m making a double chin in that one. Did they really have to include it?' But they’re great. I was really excited. Also, I love working with Michael. And again, I always tell him, I’m like, 'They’re paying you to be my friend so you have to hang out with me.' So there’s that, too.

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She continued on to explain why the pair works well:

I think so because they grew up together and I think that Kyle has kind of loved Summer in every stage of her life, just like him. I think they’ve just been through so much together as friends and as a couple. If they can get through that sh*t, they can get through anything, right? And I feel like no one understands one another on their levels of their crazy families. I think they’re a good match. The rest of Team 'Kola,' they might not think so. But I like them together.

What about a Skyle wedding 2.0? King teased:

I don’t know. It’s kind of fun when it gets messy. The Summer in me is like, 'Come on! Let’s get messy.' But I think they’ll maybe, we’ll take it slow and we’ll see, although slow in soap world is very different than slow in real world. Slow in soap world is like, 'We’ve been dating for two months, is this going to happen or not?'