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Perkie's Observations: Ric's Plans For Liz Get Sidetracked on Stage on General Hospital

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Rick Hearst

Rick Hearst

*Just when I was getting into the spirit of the 2014 Nurses Ball, this episode pushes forward a year, to 2015. And what a difference a year makes . . .

Brad and Britt are back to eating ice cream while watching the red carpet for anything to snark at. They get it in the form of Maxie, who arrives with Spinelli and takes a fall when he steps on her dress.

Others on the red carpet include, Ned, with a pregnant Olivia courtesy of Julian; Sam, who was with Silas a year before and is now with Patrick; and Michael and Sabrina. Duke and Anna are on the outs. He escorts a single Lucy, while Anna's date is a federal agent. Hayden's in town pretending to be married to pre-Drew, Jake Doe, courtesy of Ric. Naxie hasn't occurred yet, so Nathan's with Ellie.

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An injured Spencer refuses to attend the ball. Nikolas heads to the ball with Valerie, along with Dante and Lulu. Britt heads over to Wyndemere for a reunion with Spencer. She convinces him to go to the ball. 

The nurses have their group number interrupted by Liesl singing "99 Red Balloons."

Ric performs and proposes to Elizabeth. Carly outs Ric as the mastermind behind the Hayden/Jake fake marriage. Liz is angry with Ric and breaks things off. Jake is upset with Hayden for lying. Carly throws Hayden and Ric out.

Brad performs and proposes to Lucas. (I know how things are for you in 5 years Lucas. Run!)

Liz is desperate to get to Jake now that he's no longer Hayden's husband. Nikolas tells her that Jake is actually Jason. (I've forgotten how/why Nikolas thought Jake was really Jason.)