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The Bold and the Beautiful Alum Lesley-Anne Down Opens Up About Near-Kidnapping

Lesley Anne-Down

Lesley-Anne Down (ex-Jackie, The Bold and the Beautiful; ex-Olivia, Sunset Beach; ex-Stephanie, Dallas) is opening up about a traumatic childhood experience. She told the UK's The Mirror about how a childhood near-abduction still chills her blood.

Around the time the "Moors Murders" were being committed, Down feared that she was the next victim. After a victim with an eerily-similar name - Lesley Ann Downey - was killed in Greater Manchester, 11-year-old Down was approached by a mysterious man.

She shared:

I was almost kidnapped when Lesley Ann Downey had just been found. I’d run ahead of my mother.

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When she caught up, the man had stopped me, told me he needed a babysitter and we would call my parents when we got to his house.

She went on to add:

I remember having one foot in the car. Seeing my mother broke his spell. I screamed.

My mother ran to me and told me to run to my father. He called the police. Of course my mother couldn’t hold him… he was gone.

She remembered of her mother's approach to the traumatic experience:

If a child the same age as yours, whose name was Lesley Ann Downey, was found buried on the moors and then your child was almost taken… wouldn’t you be?