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WATCH: Tamron Hall Talks Season 2 of Homecoming with Janelle Monáe

Tamron Hall sat down with Janelle Monáe to discuss her new role on season 2 of Amazon Prime's Homecoming. The singer-actress opened up about starring in the show, which featured Julia Roberts in season 1.

The performer said:

Walking into this role, and also I have to be honest, being a black woman and leading a television show, I felt pressure. I felt like I needed to do this for all of us because we’re not getting opportunities to lead television series. You know, hopefully that changes, I hope it doesn’t stop with just me. I hope we continue to create these roles that we can tap into and own and have so much fun.

In fact, Monáe and Roberts got to meet. The Grammy nominee shared:

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Ms. Julia Roberts showed up on set. Stephan James, who is an incredible actor, you know we were doing a scene together. We had heard she was coming and we did our scene and then afterwards, we heard this really loud scream on set. Our set is usually very quiet, like you can hear a pin drop. One of the men from production leaned over to us and was like ‘I think she loves it. That was Julia Roberts.’ And we were like ‘Oh my God.’

She added:

[She] took photos and you know she told me she was super happy that I said yes to this project. And I just thanked her for passing the baton to me.

Watch the chat below.