Perkie's Observations: Liz Chooses the Thorny Path of Lies on General Hospital

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Rebecca Herbst, Tyler Christopher

Rebecca Herbst, Tyler Christopher

The 2015 Nurses Ball continues with a super sweet number with Patrick and Emma.

Liz takes the stage with the intent to tell everyone that Jake is Jason. But when push comes to shove, she turns it into a talk about Robin and Jason before running off. Nikolas finds Liz, who admits she didn't want to tell the truth about Jake. She says there's no room in Jason's life for her, but there is in Jake's. Liz is tired of doing the right thing. She wants the chance to be happy and convinces Nikolas to keep their secret.

Spencer gets a heavenly visit from his mother to chastise him for his treatment of Cameron. She convinces him to take the mask off and accept the scar.

Carly and Michael talk about Jason and how much she feels they are alike. (This was after Michael had grown a backbone and turned on his parents, but stupidly listened to Sabrina and walked it back. The only time Michael was a decent character was when he took Avery.)

Ned puts on a number for the crowd.

Duke plans a hit on Jordan, which gets messed up. Jordan and Shawn believe Julian was responsible. Duke resets the hit for that night.

Nathan and Ellie pretend to make out with each other to get under Spinelli and Maxie's skin.

Jake and the FBI agent (whose name I don't remember) have a conversation that's confusing without context five years later. (No offense to the actor, but that character was a tool.)

Spinelli takes his turn and performs.

Sabrina and Epiphany sing "You're Not Alone."