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Redaric Williams Reminisces on His Time at The Young and the Restless

Redaric Williams

Redaric Williams

The Young and the Restless grad Redaric Williams (ex-Tyler Michaelson) is set to star in a new UrbanFlixTV comedy called Pump. He still nurtures fond memories of his time on the CBS soap, however, and recently told Soap Central how much he loved being on Y&R.

He shared some of his favorite memories, recalling:

Everybody on that set was actually really hilarious, just fun and lighthearted people to be around. Angell Conwell [ex-Leslie Michaelson], we worked closely together, playing brother and sister, so there were a lot of practical jokes and pranks that we pulled. She was just a really lighthearted and fun person. But the three funny people that stick out to me are Joshua Morrow (Nicholas Newman), who could legit go and be a stand-up comedian and be extremely successful because he is just funny, a funny dude who is hilarious; Kristoff St. John (ex-Neil Winters), rest his soul, who was just an overall great guy and human being and also really funny, too; and Daniel Goddard (ex-Cane Ashby). 

Those three were just comedians and so funny in real life. Which is interesting, because I remember working with all three of them, and they would be in a scene and they'd be so serious, and I mean, the level of intensity was an eleven out of ten -- they were just there with laser beam eyes, and you could cut the tension in the room with a knife, and then, as soon as they yelled, 'Cut,' they're just clowns! And I was like, 'How do they transition like that?!' [Laughs] It was so fun to work with them; great guys, all three of them. And really funny guys.

Tyler faded from the canvas and never really reappeared. What happened? 

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Williams speculated:

I don't know what was going on behind the curtain, because actors only have certain information. A lot of the fans of the show think that we know more than we do, but a lot of times, we find out stuff as they find out. But to my knowledge of what was going on behind the scenes, and I don't know what the reasoning was, but a lot of new writers were brought on, a new head writer and some new staff writers, so the writing crew was switched up. There was a regime change in the writing arena, and the writers that created my character, they pulled up their anchors and went elsewhere, so the new writers that came in, they weren't really invested, I think, at all in my character. 

And it was not a knock or anything, it's just that they had their own thing going on. And it starts with the writing, you know? Everything starts with the writing. With TV, it starts with the writing and ends with the writing. The heartbeat of any show is the writing room. So, it was new writers, and when they changed the writers, they started shifting things around, and characters changed. But it was interesting to me, because there wasn't even an investment in, 'Let's write an exit story for this character.' 

Like any soap, the show is extremely fast-paced, so I think they had to prioritize things, like what they were going to focus on, and they probably wanted to hit the ground running. There was probably a lot of pressure on their shoulders, as writers, to come onto the iconic The Young and the Restless. I remember what it felt like for me as an actor, and I can't imagine the amount of pressure as a writer, coming onto a show that's so iconic. So, I believe if I had to take an educated guess, that's what it was, the change in writing staff.

Would the handsome actor ever be interested in returning to Genoa City? 

Thankfully, that's an affirmative. He noted:

 Yeah, I would never be opposed to that. It's an arena that I love. Daytime television is just a gem. It's great to work in, it's great to be a part of, and like I said, the fan base is wonderful, just all of it. I would never shy away from any opportunity to go back.