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Perkie's Observations: Liesl Gets Silenced on General Hospital

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Kathleen Gati, Sonya Eddy

Kathleen Gati, Sonya Eddy

We move forward a year to the Nurse's Ball 2016 . . .

Jake is now Jason and is with Sam.

Ned and Emma perform together.

Someone tied up Liesl so she doesn't interrupt the nurses' number again. Epiphany finds and unties her, but warns her not to sabotage anyone. Liesl's forced to head back to the hospital to work.

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Hayden wants to discuss her shooting with Jordan, who brushes her off. Nikolas drags her away. Curtis is not happy to see Nikolas manhandling her.

Lucas finds Bobbie unconscious backstage and takes her to the hospital.

Carly tells Ava she's going to give up sole custody of Avery because she has video proof of Ava and the DA playing tonsil hockey. Ava's not threatened. Carly sends Paul a text telling him to get Ava in line. Ava and Carly fight over the flash drive, which Ava ends up flushing down the toilet.

Jake's nervous about performing, so Franco joins him on stage.

Milo and the boys perform and include, Curtis, Dillon, Felix, and Griffin.

Lucas comes across someone trying to inject Bobbie. He doesn't get back to the ball in time for his wedding to Brad.