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Days of Our Lives' Robert Scott Wilson Reflects on Ben's "Killer" Transformation

Robert Scott Wilson

Days of Our Lives' Robert Scott Wilson (Ben Weston) is now a Salem staple... After all, his character is a reformer serial killer engaged to a Kiriakis-Horton-Brady scion in Victoria Konefal's Ciara Brady! Wilson looked back on some of Ben's most memorable storylines in a chat with Soap Opera Digest.

RSW remembered being shocked to find out Ben would be the Necktie Killer. He recalled:

Oh man At first it was a shock, because I was like, ‘Wow! This might be the end of Ben.’ I had that thought for a split second, but then, as soon as I really thought about it, it was like, ‘I’ll have an opportunity to show a little bit more of my range.’ They hadn’t written me a lot of wild roller-coaster moments up until that point. It was an opportunity for me to open Ben up, dig through the trauma of who he really is, and play the bad side of him, bring that to light and give him some more dimension. I saw it not really as a door closing, but an opportunity.

He added:

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The thing that kind of stirred me up the most was the confession scene. Ben confessed to his father about the murders, mainly killing Will (then-Guy Wilson).

Eventually, after killing a few Salemites, Ben went to a sanitarium and returned as an anti-hero. Wilson reflected:

Trauma changes everybody. [Having] Ben go through all of this just adds many layers and complexity to him. It’s just more fun to play. But Marlena, having her blessing, is everything. Marlena has become Ben’s main confidante and almost a mother figure in a weird way. They’ve developed a great relationship. Coming back, a lot of my scenes were with Deidre Hall [Marlena], getting her clearance. I remember those were big scenes, having her have Ben’s back and believing in him.

And then there's his uber-hot chemistry with Victoria Konefal, which has made "Cin" a super-sexy couple to watch! Wilson expressed his appreciation of how fans embraced the pair:

I love my fans. I have amazing fans. I’m so grateful for them. When they saw the turn, they were on board. Then it was just about getting the rest of the fans on board. I’m just grateful it happened so quickly. People were really supportive of the idea right away. They wanted to see the story play out. I didn’t expect it to become as big as it did. Ben and Ciara caught fire with the fans. It was crazy.