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Days of Our Lives' Susan Seaforth Hayes Talks "Difficult" Scenes in Her Emmy Reel

Susan Seaforth Hayes

Days of Our LivesSusan Seaforth Hayes (Julie Williams) is up for a Best Supporting Actress Emmy this year - and rightfully so. The soap staple had quite the year in Salem, after all. Seaforth Hayes opened up in a new interview with Michael Fairman TV about picking her Emmy reel and the challenge of filming such moving scenes.

She said:

I submitted when Julie dies. I submitted the farewell montage scenes with Bill Hayes, and they were very moving to us… and we’ll see. I did not submit anything snappy, or bitchy, or hysterical. I’ve lost against hysterical every time. Comedy has never worked. So, I am going to try the heart and soul of soup [sic] opera: not bitchiness, but loss.

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Playing near-death scenes across from her real-life husband was challenging, Seaforth Hayes admitted. She shared:

It was very difficult. I mean, these are the things that make us so connected to the characters and the show. This is a place where we can show the public what love means to us, which is everything.

And for an adorable moment, Bill himself chimed in:

SUSAN: (Yells) Billy, what did you say when you found out I was nominated?

BILL: Yay!!!

SUSAN: That’s about right. (Laughs)