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Hollywood Star Laura Harrier Talks Getting Her Start on One Life to Live

As a star of Ryan Murphy's Netflix show, HollywoodLaura Harrier is making an impact on the streaming service. However, like so many other Hollywood notables, Harrier started her career on a soap: in this case, as the all-grown-up Destiny Evans on Prospect Park's version of One Live to Live.

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Harrier sat down with journalist and activist Janet Mock to discuss her new role. They chatted soaps in the process in Interview:

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MOCK: You were on One Life to Live. That is iconic. I don’t care what anybody says. I was stanning Destiny Evans, single working mother, hard. What was it like for you to make that leap through something I would assume is so challenging?.

HARRIER: I’ve never worked so hard, honestly. I’d have to memorize 30 pages a night, and you’re showing up to work at 5:00 AM. It was also my first acting job. It gave me a really good work ethic and helped me be prepared for showing up to sets with my lines memorized. It’s like boot camp.

When Mock called the genre a "pipeline" to success, name-checking other stars who "started off in soaps," Harrier responded:

There is definitely some positivity to be had out of it if you can escape at the right time.