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Perkie's Observations: Jake's Chimera Falls Into the Wrong Hands on General Hospital

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Scarlett Fernandez, Brooklyn Rae Silzer

Scarlett Fernandez, Brooklyn Rae Silzer

Nurses Ball 2017 . . . (not sure why they only had one episode of 2016, considering we have weeks of repeats to get through) . . . 

Billy Miller is still Jason (though it's very hard to see him as anyone other than Drew anymore). Kiki is still alive. Dante, Andre, and Griffin are still in town. Nina, in the body of Michelle Stafford, is married and fighting with Valentin over his obsession with Anna.

Charlotte exists. Emme Rylan is pregnant, so Lulu's at the ball wearing a Pepto-Bismol curtain. Morgan's recently dead. Ava and Scotty are a thing, mostly because he knows what she did with Morgan's pills. The chimera has reared it's ugly head and is in young Jake's hands. Nelle recently returned to town and hasn't yet dissolved into the cray cray we now know and love.

The opening number includes Amy, Valerie, Kristina, and Emma and because I love Brave, I actually sit through the performance. (Eh, who am I kidding, I sat through 15 seconds before moving on.)

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