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Kirsten Storms Talks Favorite Storylines in 15 Years on General Hospital

Kirsten Storms

Kirsten Storms is celebrating 15 years on General Hospital. She spoke to Soap Opera Digest to ring in the occasion and to reflect on some of her favorite scenes during her tenure as Maxie Jones.

Storms loves Bradford Anderson (Damien Spinelli) and the "Spixie" pairing. She shared:

Spinelli/Maxie is my favorite Maxie relationship, and my favorite ‘Spixie’ moment was getting stuck in the sewers. That was just so much fun! In all my scenes with Bradford, I have such a different energy, something that I’m not able to replicate with anyone else, and that’s all due to his talent and what he brings to the table. And can I just say, the trio of Spinelli, Jason and Maxie, that needs to be revisited. There is so much stuff that could be going on with the three of them, especially during the times they’re trying to figure out what’s going on with Peter.

She also adored the relationship with Nathan West (Ryan Paevey) from start to finish. At the beginning, their chemistry rang true, Storms said:

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When we were handcuffed together. I always enjoy the beginnings of relationships the most because there’s that love/hate thing happening and that’s so much fun to play, the anticipation. So yeah, when they were handcuffed together — and when Maxie would randomly see him shirt- less and get all flustered.

Storms did appreciate the dramatic opportunities Nathan's death afforded her character, admitting:

Selfishly, Nathan’s death, because I feel like that challenged me the most as an actor. I had to cry for weeks. I don’t like crying in a scene unless I feel like I can really make it believable, and some days, it’s so difficult to get to that place. But I felt like the story and the writing of Nathan’s death impacted me so much that it was … I don’t want to say easier, but I could connect with what I was doing more because it was written just so beautifully.

She added:

It absolutely doesn’t feel like 15 years. It’s such a good work environment that the last 15 years have gone by so quickly. I truly appreciate the people that I get to work for. Frank Valentini, for example, is like everything to me. He’s been the best boss I’ve ever had. It really feels like a family environment. When I think about going to work, I think about seeing Emme [Rylanand Kelly Monaco and Becky Herbst — I’ve just known them all for so long. It’s fun to go there. It feels like such a blessing to work someplace that you love