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LISTEN: Days of Our Lives Alum Shawn Christian Opens Up on The Confidence Connection

Shawn Christian

Days of Our Lives alum Shawn Christian (ex-Dr. Daniel Jonas) is bringing his words to the world. He joined actress and journalist Suzanne Sena on her podcast, The Confidence Connectionto discuss his own work ethic and how to motivate others.

Christian also launched a new YouTube series called "Alive with Purpose,” all about making dreams a reality. In his conversation, Christian remembered how he got the determination to become an actor. He advised people to follow their hearts, saying:

A long time ago, my father had said to me, 'If there’s anything you want to do in this life, you go tor it and do it and don’t worry about making mistakes and don’t worry about failing.' Ironically, I had to have that conversation after I graduated from college, to go, 'You know, Dad, um, I promise you I’ll get my degree in marketing, but I’m going to leave the next day to pursue acting in Chicago.’

When his father asked about how he was going to achieve his dreams, Christian responded:

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Dad, I will make this happen because I believe it.

He is also intimately involved in giving back via Arrow Heart Adventure Camps. He recalled:

I became the creative director. My lovely lady, Ari[anne Zucker; Nicole, DAYS], and her brother started this in Idaho. And I worked with Ari on Days of Our Lives and she was talking about helping kids and I was like 'Well, what'—her dressing room was next to mine—and I was, like, 'Wait, what are you talking about?'

After Zucker told him more, he began to pitch in to help challenged teens engage with the outdoors and improve heir lives. Talk about a way to give back!

Listen to the full chat below to learn more about "Alive with Purpose" and hear Christian's motivating words.