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WATCH: The Talk's Eve on Having "Uncomfortable Conversations" with Husband


The Talk's Eve is opening up about how she is addressing the protests following the murder of George Floyd with her husband, Maximillion Cooper. 

On Monday's episode, the Grammy-winning rapper shared:

These conversations have to be had. I am in an interracial relationship. I am having some of the most difficult and uncomfortable conversations I think I've ever had, and vice versa, with my husband.

She continued:

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I don't know his life through his eyes. He doesn't know my life through my eyes. All he can do is try to understand and try to ask the questions, and he wants to understand, and that's what the nation — that’s what the world — has to do.

It's gonna be uncomfortable. Yeah, it's gonna be uncomfortable! But we have to be OK with being uncomfortable, so that we can get to a solution. We need a solution. We have to get somewhere.

Eve went on:

There are some people that are having peaceful protests — beautiful, peaceful protests, with their firsts in the air and their hands in the air and all different colors and genders all together on one knee, wanting to get past this. That's what actually keeps me from getting too emotional, because I can't even help but be emotional.

Watch the discussion below.