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Days of Our Lives' Wally Kurth Dives Deep Into His Moving Emmy Reel

Wally Kurth

Days of Our LivesWally Kurth (Justin) is opening up about his 2020 Daytime Emmy nomination. He spoke to Michael Fairman TV about how he picked his very moving reel, which centered on Justin reuniting with his wife, Adrienne (Judi Evans), losing her, and the fallout.

Kurth shared:

I do try to put together a little story in my submissions for Emmys. I think that’s kind of important because if you’re asking someone to watch 8 or 9 minutes of just you… I didn’t want to just (not that I had this material) but bludgeon them with one sad, sobbing scene after another. I wanted to give them a whole range of Justin and a little story. So, I did start off where Justin was asking Adrienne to marry him, and Justin is very happy, and it’s all good, and he gets down on his knee, and you see her, and it’s like, 'This is something really good,' and I also wanted to include a scene with Judi Evans in my reel. 

Then, I cut to where it’s a year later, and Justin is with Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) in their apartment. They are already living together, and they are discussing the anniversary of their marriages, and about the sadness of Adrienne, and she’s talking about Steve (Stephen Nichols), and then she brings up having to tell me that Adrienne died. So, that was obviously in a flashback that happened six months earlier; where Justin is obviously very upset, and scared, and doesn’t want to hear it, and breaks down, and Kayla comforts him. 

Then, I did the continuation where Justin tells Kayla how much she has meant to him, and how he felt like he wasn’t going to survive, and how she came to his aid in a way to make him feel like he really has something to live for. Then, at the very end, I did two scenes with Will (Chandler Massey) in the jail which is where Justin confronts Will, who obviously Justin thought was responsible for killing Adrienne. It was a really lovely, really well-written scene where Justin tells him, 'You’re a son to me, and you can be disappointed with a son, and you can be hurt by a son, but you never stop loving him.' I think it showed a nice range of the anger, the hurt, the happiness (because Justin tells him about Kayla), so you get an idea of what happened to Justin last year. I thought it was a good collection of scenes that told a little story, and you could see the range of what Justin went though. Evidently, it worked on some level because I got nominated.

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The scenes really moved Kurth, who shared his thoughts on the theme:

Yes. 'Don’t give up. Don’t give up on life,' which is really positive… even though he started the scene like, “I don’t even want to talk to this guy.” Justin is there talking to Ben (Robert Scott Wilson), and Will kind of surprises him. So for Justin it;’ like, 'Now I guess I’ve got to talk to Will about this,' and so he is still angry, he is still hurt, and you’re right, at the end, the scene has sort of transformed him in a way. So, all of that stuff was just really nice, really nice scenes to get to play and very emotional.

He added:

Oh yeah, I can’t even imagine a scene that was as good. Thank God that scene aired in December. My story really didn’t get started until October/November, and all of those scenes that I included were from October, November, and December.

And Kurth has more Emmy material for next year, thanks to his recent scenes. Kurth noted:

I do like to include the big four emotions that an actor has to play: happy, sad, angry, and fear. That is a scene where you get to see Justin really angry. So, I will probably look to that as you get to see the anger part of the character, which I think is important. You don’t get to see Justin very angry and lose it like that.