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EastEnders Execs May Toss Everything and Start Fresh In Post-COVID-19 Reboot


Production companies around the world are ramping up after the unexpected COVID-19 shutdown. According to The Sun, the top execs at EastEnders may, "Cut short storylines in a post-Covid-19 reboot for the ailing soap." 

The unique approach would allow the show to make the most out of returning to the air. The thought is,

Pulling the plug on old plots will, in effect, start a second series with future episodes.

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In doing so, the venerable soap would return to the air with fresh stories. The article stated,

They’re planning big storylines and a big marketing push — but that may mean they just start new stuff from scratch rather than continuing where they’re already at so they can be dramatic as possible.

EastEnders has been a staple on the British soapscape since it premiered in 1985 on BBC.

What do you think of this idea for the U.S. soaps? What would you change? Sound off in the comments below!