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Perkie's Observations: Sam Finds a Link Between Peter and Faison on General Hospital

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Kelly Monaco

Kelly Monaco

Moving forward to the Nurses Ball 2018 . . .

Peter has arrived, but no one knows he's really Henrik Faison. Lulu has her girl reporter hat on and is determined to flush Henrik out.

Kim and "Charlie" are a thing.

Vinessa Antoine is still playing Jordan. Aunt Stella has a bee in her bonnet over her.

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Robin's here for a visit. Finn tells Anna he's still interested in her.

Carly's in jail thanks to Nelle. She lied about being pushed down the stairs at the Quartermaines. Sonny attends with Mike.

Sam is suspicious of Peter and Valentin, who are busy arguing with each other over Anna. (I believe this is before the stupid retcon that Anna is his mother.)

Dante pulls a prank on newbie Chase, forcing him to perform by himself. Hottie Chase knocks it out of the park.

Nina and Valentin are still a thing even though he's a lying liar whose pants are on fire. Nina and Curtis perform a magic trick. Curtis proposes to Jordan.

Sam snoops in Peter's office and finds a lighter belonging to Cesar Faison.