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Whoopi Goldberg Partners with Extinction Rebellion for Short Film The Gigantic Change


Whoopi Goldberg and Extinction Rebellion are teaming up to spread an important message. The View's moderator is taking part in The Gigantic Change, a three-minute animated short film. The flick takes place in 2050 and looks at how people came together to save the world from the climate crisis.

Why 2050? This is when many countries have committed to the goal of reaching net zero carbon. The film, which is out no,  launched across climate activists Extinction Rebellion’s various social media platforms to mark World Environment Day. Goldberg acts as the grandmother in the film.

George Lewin, who co-directed the short, explains Goldberg was chosen to participate because she's an "iconic voice" which "bring a perfect sense of gravitas to the performance," and stated,

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Plus she is outspoken on environmental issues and had the potential to inspire many of her followers to take action. So we sent the script to her agent, and she came back quickly saying ‘I’m in.’ We couldn’t believe it.

Watch the film via Extinction Rebellion's FacebookInstagramTwitter and Youtube accounts.