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British Soap Hollyoaks to Resume Production This Week, Filming in July

Hollyoaks, the reigning drama of the year at the British Soap Awards, is back! The Channel 4 soap, set in the northwest of England, will return to production this week, according to Digital Spy. Cast members will resume filming in Liverpool in July.

Currently, Hollyoaks is airing two new episodes a week, plus three classics called Hollyoaks Favourites. This pattern will continue until September, when the amount of new episodes will increase to four a week. It's not until 2021, though, that fans will get  five new episodes per week.

A spokesperson for Channel 4 shared:

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To safeguard the health, safety and welfare of all involved in the production of Hollyoaks, new work protocols will be in place

All cast and crew will attend a safety induction to familiarise [sic] themselves with the revised way of working prior to production re-starting.