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Olivia Rose Keegan Teases "Family Reunion" on Days of Our Lives

Olivia Rose Keegan

Olivia Rose Keegan (Claire, Days of Our Lives) is back in Salem soon, and she couldn't be happier. The actress told Soap Opera Digest:

Going back, it actually did come as a bit of a surprise for me but I was so excited. I think I did about two-and-a-half months’ worth of shows. It was a blast to film. It’s like a family reunion.

She added:

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I was absolutely excited, and most of all just curious as to what they were going to do because she left on a very ominous note, so I didn’t know what direction they were going to go.

Getting the scripts is one of my favorite moments of that job because you’re finding out when you open up that script and start reading it. I loved the last six months of Claire’s writing and everything that they let me do with that. Being able to continue that would be great, and also a changed Claire would be very refreshing and nice for everyone to see.

And what's better than re-teaming with her on-screen family? Keegan dished:

It’s a dream. Getting paid to work with your best friend is kind of not fair. Working with Victoria [Konefal, Ciara] is obviously so fun because we have that natural chemistry to work off of. It was like coming home after a long break. It was great to see everybody’s faces and get back to filming in a place where I know everybody. It really, truly feels like home

Seeing Martha [Madison, Belle] and Brandon [Beemer, Shawn] is always great because both of them have been so great and have shown me the ropes since the first day I walked on set and have always made me feel so comfortable. I think six months into my first run on DAYS, they were off the show and I have been missing them ever since. Whenever they come back, it’s a real treat to get to talk to them, catch up on life and everything.