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Perkie's Observations: Robert Gets One Up on Valentin on General Hospital

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Tristan Rogers

Tristan Rogers

Nurses Ball 2018 continues . . .

Jason tries to convince Michael that Carly wouldn't have pushed Nelle down the stairs. Nelle continues to play the victim with Michael.

Alexis is upset to overhear Finn's words to Anna and storms off. Finn finds her at the ball and apologizes for hurting her.

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Ned and Olivia perform, as do Josslyn and Oscar.

Sam shows Jason the lighter and he realizes that Peter is Henrik. Jason wants Sam to hack into Peter's email.

Anna heads out to meet Henrik on the pier. Peter is busy driving Maxie home.

While driving home, Maxie's water breaks. Instead of heading to the hospital as a sane person does, she decides to lie down on the side of the road to give birth, as one does.

Valentin sings. Robert shows up and punches him in the face. Hell yeah, I rewatched that a bunch of times, because Robert Effing Scorpio, amirite?!!