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Pulitzer Prize Winner Michael R. Jackson Talks Incorporating Soap Opera into Latest Play

Michael R. Jackson won a Pulitzer Prize for Drama for his play, A Strange Loop, but his ambition wasn't always to be a playwright. In fact, he wanted to be a soap writer! The acclaimed writer spoke with's #LiveatFive: Home Edition to discuss how his new show, White Girl in Danger, incorporates elements of the genre he loves.

Originally, Jackson moved from Detroit to New York City to work as a soap writer. He shared:

My dream was to be a soap opera writer. I thought I would become the head writer for One Life to Live or something.

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As he turned to writing for the stage, he never lost his love of daytime drama. He plans to channel that in his next work, Jackson shared:

I'm working on my next show which is called White Girl in Danger. It is drawn from my love of soap operas and Lifetime original movies. It is set in a town called Allwhite where there are all white characters who have these dramatic, crazy lives and storylines. Then there are characters known as the Blackground, who are the black characters who are there to be extras. It focuses on a Blackground girl named Keisha who decides that she has what it takes to be the protagonist of her own Allwhite story. I'm really excited about it.

Before the pandemic, White Girl in Danger was slated to open at NYC's Vineyard Theatre. Until the industry reopens, check out some songs from White Girl in Danger below.