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Meghan McCain Claims She's "Never Unprepared" After Criticism for Kamala Harris Interview

Meghan McCain is fighting back after being called out for not being prepared for interviews on The View. On Monday, McCain spoke with Sen. Kamala Harris regarding the calls by some to defund the police in the wake of George Floyd's death at the hands of Minneapolis police officers. Activists who are demanding the police be defunded aren't calling for the police to be abolished altogether, but are asking for the funds allocated to them to education, housing, and mental health resources.

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McCain asked Harris if she was for defunding the police, where the California senator asked the talk show host, 

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Are you for defunding the police?

McCain responded,

Well, I’m not for anything remotely for that. I assume, and again, this is something that is new to me, I assume it’s removing police.

Now, McCain is striking back after the interview with Harris made headlines and trended on social media.

McCain defended her interview with Harris and claimed she was "never unprepared" for an interview. McCain stated on Twitter,