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Perkie's Observations: Anna Learns Peter's Secret on General Hospital

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Anna Devane, General Hospital

Finola Hughes

Nurses Ball 2018 . . .

Robert arrests Valentin and demands answers about Henrik. Nina is not amused that Valentin continues to be a lying liar whose pants are on fire.

Anna heads to the pier to wait for Henrik.

JaSam call in Spinelli to help them prove that Peter is Henrik.

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Apparently, 2018 was the year of Henrik.

The stupidity of the show to have Maxie, a heart transplant recipient, giving birth on the side of the road with only an idiot to help her, is beyond stupid.

Mike takes the stage and performs, but runs into problems so Sonny helps him out.

Griffin catches Dr. Bensch ogling a half naked Kiki. Ava sees Griffin hugging Kiki and misinterprets. No really, Ava misunderstood something and went off half-cocked (although I really did love Maura's performance here).

The nurses close out the show.

Anna is shocked when Peter shows up at the pier and tells her that he's Henrik. He pulls a gun on her.