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WATCH: Judith Chapman Talks Soap Past, "Gut-Wrenching" The Young and the Restless Exit

Judith Chapman

Judith Chapman has pretty much danced every soap dance there is. She's most recently received attention for her roles on The Young and the Restless as Gloria and Days of Our Lives as Diana and Anjelica. 

On General Hospital co-star Tristan Rogers' YouTube series 6 Blocks Apart, she opened up about her daytime career. Asked about which soaps she's been on, she admitted:

It’s easier to name the ones I haven’t been on.

Chapman first joined As the World Turns as Natalie in 1975; she was bright-eyed and naive at the time, having just moved to New York City. She confessed:

That was my first soap opera. I was so painfully green I slept with my [apartment] door open. 

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She went on to One Life to Live as Sandra Montaigne, then Ryan's Hope as Charlotte Greer Ryan. In the mid-1980s, she and Rogers appeared on GH as Ginny Blake Webber and Robert Scorpio, respectively. 

But fans have been asking when she's going to return to Genoa City. Chapman replied "there’re always these rumors," adding that reruns have driven curiosity:

It’s interesting – I was looking on Facebook, and I have X amount of fans, X amount of followers, and they’ve been going through the roof. And I think part of it is because of these old reruns and lot of people have ben seeing me on reruns of Murder She Wrote, Magnum P.I., all these other shows that I’ve done over the years.

She added that she'd go back to the CBS soap, despite having been written out previously:

I thought I would finish my theatrical, film, television career at Y&R. So when they phased me out the first time, it was gut-wrenching, and then, when I went back, it was great and then they started phasing me out again. So would I say, 'Yeah? Burn me once, twice, what the hell?' Yeah, I’m back, because it’s a great job and it’s an American iconic storytelling venue and yes, we do need to stay on the air, we do.