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Perkie's Observations: Sam Keeps Shiloh Close By and Distracted on General Hospital

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Samantha McCall, General Hospital

Kelly Monaco, Coby Ryan McLaughlin

Nurses Ball 2019 . . . otherwise known as the year of the llama. (Which idiot in the writer's room thought that was a good idea?)

Shiloh's still alive and still douchey. Sam and her "girls" (I mean yowza with that dress) are pretending to date him. Meanwhile, JaSpin try to get info against Shiloh (and by try to get info, I mean Spinelli bangs on a bunch of computer keys for 5 minutes before putting listening devices in the DOD house, which always seemed to be empty whenever the plot needed it to be).

Ava's "dating" Kevin to lure Ryan out of hiding.

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A confused Mike is "engaged" to Yvonne with Finn's engagement ring. Finn tells Sonny to get it back. (I always thought it was a terrible storyline to have one Alzheimer's patient think he was married to another Alzheimer's patient, who was already married to someone else. I also thought it was the worst the story could get, but Sonny yelling at a near comatose Mike to remember things out-worsens that.)

Oscar has recently died. Kristina has been extracted from the cult and keeps Josslyn company at home until she spots Sam with Shiloh at the ball. Kristina heads to the ball to yell at people. (Love Lexi, but sometimes she only has two expressions, annoyed close to tears and slightly more annoyed and close to tears).

Chase and Willow are super cute because the show hasn't stupidly broken them up yet. Sasha is still Nina's daughter and dating Michael.

Robert mistakenly believes there's something between him and Anna. She sets him straight. Finn's engagement ring ends up at Anna's feet.