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The Bold and the Beautiful Alum Scott Turner Schofield Talks Studio City, "Authentic Stories"

Scott Turner

Scott Turner

Scott Turner Schofield just earned his first Daytime Emmy nod - for his work on Studio City - and he couldn't be more thrilled. It all started with his role on The Bold and the Beautiful.

The actor told Soap Opera Digest:

Sean Kanan [creator/ ex-Deacon , B&B et al] and I met on set at B&B, and it was such a good-feeling place to be at that time. What was amazing to me was he kept in touch, and it kind of came out of nowhere. He said, 'Hey, we want to do this,' and what I love about that is he’s paying attention to what the culture needs right now. He’s listening. Soaps do that really well. They’re written so fast, so a lot of things get pulled out of what’s most immediate, and he did that with a transgender storyline entwined with all the other plots going on in STUDIO CITY. I admire him so much for that, and I think that storyline is very much true to life.

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Schofield, whose role as Nick saw him become the first openly transgender actor to appear on a soap, added:

Having a historical first like B&B is really important because people always mention you, so I always get brought up, and that’s keeping me in the conversation. I had 16 episodes, and we did some really powerful things. The storyline won an Emmy [for writing and directing], so being a part of something that big definitely put me on track. If you remember when we spoke last, I didn’t have an agent at the time. I had just rolled into town, and it was so beautiful. Usually, you have to be in L.A. for a while to get noticed and get roles like that, so the fact that I got that right out of the gate put me so much further ahead in the game.

Schofield reflected:

B&B was affirming for me as an artist and as a person, and I think it showed that people want authentic stories. They crave it and when they see it, they know it and they appreciate it.