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Genoa City Residents Visit The Bold and the Beautiful Next Week

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SoCal is getting an invasion of Genoa City residents on The Bold and the Beautiful next week. B&B will feature fan favorites from The Young and the Restless, who will appear in classic crossover episodes starting June 15.

Kicking things off on Monday's episode, which originally aired November 3, 1993, Lauren (Tracey Bregman) learns that Sheila (Kimberlin Brown) is alive. The Fenmore department store heiress persuades her husband, Scott (Peter Barton), to vacation with her on the romantic island of Santa Catalina, where Sheila has gone to repair her marriage with Eric (John McCook). Lauren silently vows to confront Sheila about her misdeeds in front of Eric and Scott. Ridge (Ronn Moss) antagonizes Connor (Scott Thompson Baker) before surprising Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) with an impromptu fashion show of the men's line they are about to debut.

Originally airing on January 29, 1999, Tuesday's episode features Brooke using Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) to make Ridge jealous during a business dinner. Taylor (Hunter Tylo) attempts to take her husband Ridge's attention off of Brooke and Victor, to no avail. At his wit's end after seeing Victor kiss Brooke, Ridge rushes to their table and demands that Victor return immediately to Genoa City. As Victor and Ridge face-off, an embarrassed Taylor intervenes, while Brooke gloats at the success of her plan.

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Wednesday's episode has Katherine Chancellor (the late Jeanne Cooper) arriving in Los Angeles to give important news about the "Stephanie Douglas Trust" that rocks Stephanie's (Susan Flannery) world. Having manipulated a divorce from Stephanie to be with Brooke, Eric is stunned to learn that the Trust is not in the company safe, where he and his longtime lawyer Jonathan (the late Joseph Campanella) have kept it. Nick (Jack Wagner) demands the truth from Brooke about her marriage to Eric. Original airdate November 1, 2005.

On Thursday's episode, which was originally broadcast on December 24, 1998, Jack (Peter Bergman) accepts the Forrester family's invitation to meet them at their office to discuss a new business proposition. To Brooke's annoyance, Ridge anxiously moves through the meeting worried that he will not be able to keep his promise to Taylor to attend the party that Dr. Pierce Peterson (Paul Satterfield, Jr.) is throwing in her honor. As Eric, Ridge, Brooke, and Thorne (Winsor Harmon) propose a Jabot and Forrester collaboration to Jack, Sally (the late Darlene Conley) and Darla (Schae Harrison) crash the gala, and see Macy (Bobbie Eakes). Separately, Stephanie convinces Dr. James Warrick (Ian Buchanan) to crash the party with her as she's convinced that Pierce has romantic intentions towards her daughter-in-law, Taylor.

Closing out the week on Friday, Brooke turns to Nick to complain that Ridge has become engaged to Ashley (Eileen Davidson) when Ridge should be with her. Nick, now married to Taylor, attempts to have Brooke see that she should move on with her life. Rick (Kyle Lowder) unsuccessfully flirts with his ex, Ashley, while telling her to watch out for his mother Brooke, in regard to Ridge. Unswayed by Nick's words, Brooke confronts Ashley and warns her that Ridge always returns to her and they are destined to be together. Original airdate September 26, 2007.