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Perkie's Observations: Chase Warns Olivia That Ryan Is Alive on General Hospital

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Josh Swickard

Josh Swickard

Nurses Ball 2019 . . .

Finn proposes to Anna and she accepts (interesting that it's a year later and there's been no real movement on that front).

Kristina confronts Shiloh. Sonny warns him to back off. Kristina is worried about Sam.

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Lucas wonders why Brad is acting squirrelly (otherwise known as a day that ends in a Y).

Joss watches a DVD from Oscar beyond the grave, which convinces her to go the ball. She puts on three boxes of aluminum foil and heads over there.

Liesl and Franco perform, as does Cameron, and later, Ava. (One thing I learned from watching 5 balls back to back is it's a good thing Kathleen Gati and Maura West are here since they're the ones who were the standouts, with a smaller shoutout to Wally Kurth, and this year, William Lipton.)

Nina overhears Willow on the phone with Diane. They're talking about the baby. Shiloh overhears them discuss it. So, basically it was all Nina's fault.

Kevin is worried about Laura and Curtis, who are on the hunt for Ryan. Curtis reaches out to Chase to let him know that Ryan is alive and on his way to PC.