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Perkie's Observations: Chase Was Right . . . He's Baaack . . . on General Hospital

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Kevin Collins, Generla Hospital

Jon Lindstrom

Chase updates Felicia, Mac, and Ava that Ryan is likely on his way back to Port Charles. But, it's too late, Ryan is already in PC and knocks Kevin out. Ryan then runs into Scotty and knocks him out as well. Ryan manages to truss Kevin, all with one hand. Crafty guy.

Shiloh confronts Willow, who admits she was pregnant with his child, but miscarried. He gets rough with her so Michael steps in. Shiloh boo hoo hoos to Sam about how he's been betrayed. Sam and her boobs comfort him, so Shiloh wants to initiate her into DOD RIGHTNOW.

Nina complains about how evil Willow is for giving up her baby. (Man, I didn't realize how much I hated Michelle's version of Nina now that we have the super sweet Cynthia playing her.)

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Ava's determined to lure Ryan and heads to a private cabin , where lo and behold, Ryan shows up.