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The Young and the Restless' Melissa Ordway, Donny Boaz Talk Abby and Chance's Future

Two scions of Genoa City high society have paired off on The Young and the Restless. Abby Newman (Melissa Ordway), daughter of rags-to-riches corporate raider Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) and heiress-turned-chemist Ashley Abbott (Eileen Davidson), has won the heart of Phillip "Chance" Chancellor IV (Donny Boaz), grandson of tycoon Philip Chancellor II (Donnelly Rhodes) and nail tech-turned-executive and socialite Jill Foster (Jess Walton).

The actors playing these two legacy characters sat down with Soap Opera Digest to talk about their chemistry and future storylines. Boaz shared:

The mock sides for my character in the audition kind of implied that it was Abby, but I was the rookie in the game. They did the triangle thing for a while and then it became pretty clear where this was headed. I think Chance has put it on the line. 'Woman, I’m not playing games with you anymore. You’re all that I want.'

Ordway is excited for Abby's new "Chance" at love, dishing:

I just knew Chance and Abby would be such a good couple. I didn’t want to get too excited because Abby has had so many love interests that end up falling apart, like the sex trafficker who she thought was perfect for her. So, when Chance went out on a date with Phyllis (Michelle Stafford), that kind of threw me for a loop. I was like, 'Maybe there’s still a chance for Chance and Phyllis,' so I was really excited when it became Chance and Abby. I feel like it’s such a good match.

What makes them a good match? Boaz opined:

Instead of the soap opera love triangles, find your partner and go on shenanigan crimes! I like that they go on these little adventures together and push each other’s buttons. I think that has its own interesting aspect more than just running around all over Genoa City with everybody. I like that back and forth but yet they’re heading in the same direction.

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Ordway added:

I feel like that Abby impersonating Phyllis was so honest to who Abby is, because she’s always been a little bit rebellious. Yes, she’s a smart businesswoman but she also has this wild side, like when she was The Naked Heiress, and it’s cool to not forget that. She’s still a good girl, but she’s had her fun with breaking the law.

What's next for the Genoa City couple? Ordway suggested:

 I do want Abby to finally find her happily ever after. I would love to see them get married and have a family. Abby as a mom would be hilarious. They would definitely have their problems and all of that, but I think Abby’s finally found her match.

Boaz concurred:

We’re on the same page. I’d like them to have a future, but again, it’s not just happily ever after. I want the speed bumps and the hurdles to show how they get through them, but I don’t want all the triangles on the side. I’d rather go on adventures and see how they handle them. I like these two as a couple. I don’t want to be a dumb-dumb like Arturo (Jason Canela) and cheat on her.

He added:

I want Chance to be the white hat, the good guy that keeps following his moral code and is good to his woman.

Are you enjoying Abby and Chance? Where would you like to see this pairing go next? Should Chance keep being the "white hat"? Tell us in the comments!