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WATCH: Tamron Hall Discusses Civil Rights Changes With Three Generations of Activists

Tamron Hall, Sellers Family

On Friday's episode of Tamron Hall, the talk show host and journalist dedicated the entire 'Hear Us Now' episode to the voices of young Americans who are speaking out and demanding change in the wake of the murder of George Floyd. Hall spoke with civil rights activist Cleveland Sellers and his son, former South Carolina house representative Bakari, and his granddaughter, and Bakari's daughter, Kai Carter.

During the episode, the junior Sellers weighed in on if he believes the current activism was similar to the others of the past. Rep. Sellers stated,

Well I’m hopeful that this is different. I have to have faith that this is different. I refuse to let people take away my hope and my faith. But you’re right, we’ve been here before. 1955 we had Emmett Till, we’ve seen the picture of his face brutally beaten, no bones left in his body, his body was thrown in the bottom of the Mississippi River. The Edmund Pettus Bridge, where we saw dogs and water hoses and for the first time the country was captivated on evening news because of the images of black folks being beaten. And now we have George Floyd. And so the question is whether or not we’re going to step up to this moment and my fear is that now that George’s body is in the ground, we will continue to have to have questions about whether or not my children as they age will get the benefit of their humanity

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The senior Sellers was shot by South Carolina state police during a protest that is remembered as the Orangeburg Massacre in 1968. He discussed how he felt seeing Kai using her voice to seek change, and stated,

It feels encouraging, but all I’m saying now is, is that our hope is in our young people and it becomes the responsibility for the old hands, the people who used to be on the front lines and on the picket lines and all the sit-ins, to kind of push our young people and encourage them.

Watch the trio below: