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Dominic Zamprogna Talks New Film To the Moon and Back, Possible General Hospital Return

Dominic Zamprogna

General Hospital alum Dominic Zamprogna (ex-Dante) is doing big things in quarantine. He spoke to Michael Fairman TV about his new film, To the Moon and Back, and possibly returning to his soap home. 

June 17 will mark the first virtual screening of indie flick To the Moon and Back. Zamprogna stars as Robert, whose mother has just died. The actor shared about relating to the moment:

It’s the gravity of certain moments. It’s kind of like what we are going through now. I was talking to my kids the other morning about George Floyd, and I started crying, and they were like, 'Why are you crying?' I’m like, 'Because this is so awful that this is happening to people just because of the color of their skin and has been happening for so long.'

I think people in our industry are thought of as soft in a sense, but in another sense, you’re not, because you get beat down over and over and over again, and you get rejected and rejected and rejected, and you keep coming back for more until you break it down and you succeed, but you also feel a lot. You feel all of that rejection and you feel other people’s pain because you’ve got to tap into that stuff, and man, the gravity of moments like giving a eulogy and explaining the state of the world, and trying to imagine other people’s pain, ….you just feel it all sometimes.

GH production associate Nate Hapke helmed the film, leading fans to wonder: Is Zamprogna open to returning to Port Charles?

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Zamprogna said:

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Yeah, I’ve felt the pull for a long time. You only ever want to leave because of your situation, and personally, I was going through some things, and the one thing that I have relied on for my whole career is my confidence and my instinct. The minute you start questioning either of those things, you’ve got to take a step back. That’s what I was doing. I’ve never had a job for as long as I had GH, and I went through a whole gamut of feelings. There are highs and lows and in-betweens. 

There were too many instances where for whatever reason; I wasn’t feeling confident in my abilities anymore. I started stressing out a lot and I was like, 'Why am I stressing out?' I thought I should take it as the time to leave. I thought, “If I don’t walk away for a bit and right the ship, then I don’t know when I am going to do it.” When you have a family, it’s important to have a job, but it’s also important to be a good dad and husband when you come home, too. That was one element of it. The other element was that there was always a desire to play a bunch of different roles. The more you create the more fun your job is. GH has also been super fun. I have always had great times up on stage there. But, I had never played a character that for that long. 

I was like, 'Maybe what I need is just to walk away from this character for a bit and try other roles.' The other element to that is that you have to know casting directors. I didn’t know many casting directors because I came down from Canada with the job at GH, and if you’re not known by people outside of the soap world in the industry, often you aren’t always presented choices to play these other roles to satisfy these other desires you have an artist. My manager was like, 'Listen, if you don’t take the opportunity now to kind of get into rooms and meet people, it gets harder and harder the longer you wait.' So, we just decided to take a chance.

The Canadian actor is in conversation with GH about the possibility. He revealed:

So I texted Frank Valentini (executive producer, GH) in late February. Over a chat, I told him how I felt. So, we will see what happens. There is nothing in place right now, but he knows where my heart is, and, I think there is interest on their part too. We will see what happens. At this point, there are no set plans for my return.

He added:

Well, at least it would be exciting, and I think people would dig it. I think it would be what soaps are about: the drama and the amount of lives that would be affected by it. Then, do you bring Dante back as a cop? Is he not a cop anymore? Is he undercover? Maybe he says he doesn’t want to be a cop at all. Maybe he does come back darker. I don’t know. I think there are more options right now than when I left.