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Perkie's Observations: The Metro Court Is Under Siege on General Hospital

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Carly Corinthos, Elizabeth Webber, General Hospital

Laura Wright, Sebastian Roché

Episode originally aired in 2007 during the Metro Court hostage crisis . . .

Original recipe Lulu, Nikolas, Lucky, and redheaded demon Michael are there. Emily, Patrick, Ric, Skye, and Lorenzo all still live in Port Charles. Liz is pregnant with Jake and Mac's the police commissioner. Everyone looks like they're twelve years old.

Jerry Jacks is in charge of the hostage situation. He allows Liz, Emily, and Carly to take care of Robin, who was shot. Patrick helps them over the phone.

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Alexis blames Lorenzo, but Skye reassures him. Alexis is admitted to the hospital after almost passing out, a side effect of her lung cancer treatment.

Sonny's been beaten up and is locked in a room with Lulu. Jerry dumps Carly in with him when she's done sewing up Robin. Carly complains about Robin. So, nothing's changed here in 13 years.

Spinelli bangs on keyboard keys while Jason stands over him. So, again, nothing's changed here in 13 years.