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Days of Our Lives' Paul Telfer Talks Xander's Evolution and Surprising "Bromance"

Paul Telfer

Days of Our Lives' Paul Telfer (Xander Kiriakis) is playing his character's evolution on screen, since learning that pretty much anyone in daytime can be redeemed. Moving forward, the actor is excited to see even more change for Xander on the horizon.

He recalled Xander's evolution to Soap Hub:

The big shift now I think is allowing him to still be himself and not be a goody-two-shoes, still be occasionally villainous, but not be downright psychotic. So, we thread this needle now of not necessarily a good person but also isn’t trying to fake being a good person anymore.

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Now I have been playing him for the last year or so was he was not faking being good, he was trying to be good, it wasn’t coming to him naturally, it was an effort. Because of that, he made all these mistakes.

Devastated by his breakup with Sarah Horton (Linsey Godfrey), Xander will bond with another reformed criminal in Jack Deveraux (Matt Ashford). He shared:

Xander makes his first real friend in Salem. Cause he’s never really had a buddy before. He’s gone after girls, but for the most part, he’s awful to all the men on the show except for Victor.

Every other dude on the show he just dismisses and hates and every dude on the show he just wants to beat them or shoot them or giving everybody dirty looks. Now, he will have like a bromance, someone he can sit and chat with about his problems, which is nice because normal people have friends. It humanizes him without declawing him.