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General Hospital's Josh Swickard Shares Real-Life Love Story on Set of New Film Roped

Josh Swickard

General Hospital star Josh Swickard (Chase) is starring in the new Netflix movie Roped. The film features Swickard's real-life wife, Lorynn York, as a big-city woman falling for a small-town cowboy...and confronting her faith in the process. 

In fact, Swickard and York fell in love while filming the flick; they spoke to about the shoot.

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York recalled:

The first time I met Josh was only two days before filming started because he wasn’t actually the first choice for Colton.

She went on:

The other person didn’t know how to ride horses so they ended taking Josh, and I’m so thankful about that.

Swickard admitted that he waited until filming wrapped to ask out York. He said:

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I think we both just felt it is smarter to keep work as work. But obviously we felt that connection so afterwards we started to hang out.

Watching the movie back as a couple has been special. He dished:

It was such a trip to watch the film together for the first time when we were married in real life.

The film was packaged and shopped around for a long time so we had to wait a while to see it. We are so thankful it ended up in Netflix!

The actor added:

Lorynn hadn’t watched virtually any of it and I’d only see pieces of it. 

So for the first time seeing it to be when we were sitting next to each other as husband and wife was just surreal.

Watch the trailer for Roped below.