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Perkie's Observations: Sonny Harpoons Morgan's New Marriage on General Hospital

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Sonny Corinthos, Morgan Corinthos, General Hospital

Maurice Benard, Bryan Craig

This episode originally aired in 2013. The players and storylines at this time are:

Dante (whose idea was it to let the super hot and talented Dominic go?), Lulu (as now played by Emme Rylan), Maxie (Kirsten was looking fantastic here), and Spinelli. Lante have a new baby girl to deal with thanks to Maxie's surrogacy. But, Spinelli has just found out the baby is actually his daughter with Maxie.

Baby Danny is recovering from his cancer scare. Sam is dating Dr. Silas Clay.

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Sonny, Carly (Laura looked fantastic with that hair and red dress), Ava, Morgan, Kiki (as played by Kristen Alderson), and Michael are also featured.

Connie has recently died and Sonny has gone off his meds to feel the pain. Morgan has rushed Kiki to the altar before she can find out she's not related to Michael after all.

At the wedding reception Sonny, who knows the truth, blows it out of the water, imploding their marriage. Carly tears a strip off of Sonny and convinces him to go back on his meds.

Kiki and Michael admit their feelings for each other, while Morgan seeks solace in Ava's arms.