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The Bold and the Beautiful Alum Maitland Ward Shares Why Adult Content is "Thriving" Now

In the 1990s, Maitland Ward was a rising star in young Hollywood. The redhead appeared as innocent heiress Jessica Forrester (niece of Eric and Stephanie) on The Bold and the Beautiful and college student Rachel McGuire on Boy Meets World. 

A few years ago, Ward pivoted to adult entertainment...and she's doing better than ever, it seems. She recently told UK tabloid The Daily Star that the demand for NSFW content is at an all-time high during quarantine. 

Ward shared:

Adult content is actually thriving right now. While people are staying home, they aren’t able to meet people and connect.

There is no dating at the moment, so adult entertainment fulfils basic needs.

It’s also a healthy escape. My scenes on Deeper and Blacked are seeing record views and the engagement from the fans across the board has been just incredible.

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I just released a new line of Fleshlight toys and even those are seeing skyrocket sales, so overall, I feel the adult industry is making out pretty well so far during this pandemic.

As I said, it’s a healthy release for people.

She's having to cope with COVID-19 restrictions, too. Ward added:

Since we aren’t able to shoot on sets, I’ve been doing a lot of content for my online platforms.

I find my fans are really engaged with me right now, and not just because they want sexual content. They want the social aspect of it too.

We have to social distance in public, so connecting with online is important. We’re helping each other get through this.