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Dynasty's Elizabeth Gillies Coordinates Remote Cast Photo Shoot

Dynasty star Elizabeth Gillies (Fallon Carrington) organized a massive photo shoot of 12 members of the primary cast...remotely. How did she pull off the stunning portraits? The Hollywood Reporter's Chris Gardner had the scoop.

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Gillies utilized FaceTime to snap some gorgeous shots. What inspired her? She shared:

I think it was a combination of my frustration being stuck in quarantine, wanting to create, and the fact that our show was about to be released on Netflix and being unable to promote it the way we normally would. I had also seen a couple of FaceTime and Zoom photoshoots on Instagram and thought it would be a perfect opportunity to give it a try.

She continued:

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I wanted to capture everyone in their natural habitat, which was pretty easy to do considering everyone was home and had been for quite some time. That provided the backdrop. Beyond that, I didn’t want to give too many specifics or restrictions. Aside from standing in front of a blank wall, everyone dressed how they wanted to and moved in ways that felt natural to them. We have an incredibly vibrant and diverse cast. Looking through the photos, I think you can see each of their personalities shine through. That was what I was going for.

Sharing what challenges she faced, Gillies commented:

I had never done a photoshoot over FaceTime, so the biggest challenges were all technical. Bad connections meant blurry photos, low-light was tricky, the file sizes were much smaller, which puts you at a disadvantage with editing, et cetera. Aside from that, it felt totally natural. Video chatting is an amazing thing and we’ve gotten so used to it that experiments like this are totally possible and can really end up working. Having a good relationship and a level of trust with the people you’re photographing definitely helps, too.

She added:

To be honest, I knew everyone was getting a bit bored in their homes, so they were probably more likely to agree to something like this now rather than in the middle of production. I’m not sure I could’ve pulled it off under normal circumstances. We have a massive cast. Having said that, I was so impressed with how invested they all were. One after another, they all looked fantastic and came with really interesting ideas to make their shoot unique. We’re a close cast and we have a lot of respect for not only one another but also each other’s creativity. This was just a further demonstration of that. I’m lucky to work with such talented and supportive people.

Check out the full gallery of pics at Gillies' Instagram.